Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Always the Innovator

Dennis Chighisola
This is going to be

Always the innovator (so they say), I have pioneered numerous new programs and training formats that ultimately became mainstream across North America (and sometimes abroad).  Such will be the case, I promise, with this new offering...

Virtual Hockey Coach
With technology what it is today, it's easy now for an experienced coach like me to study a far off player, analyze his or her difficulties, and then help that player turn any skill or positional deficiency into a strength.

The top players on your team are getting extra help.
You can almost bet that the top players you know are getting extra help -- either from a parent who knows the game well, a private coach, or by playing on a second team.  

With over 40-years working with beginners through pros, I've come to realize that only a few things can make all the difference in the world -- between a player feeling good or not-so-good about himself or herself.  And I've developed the eyes to spot exactly what needs to be done to close that gap.     

Do you own
a video camera, computer and phone?
If you own a camera -- even the one in your smart phone, you can provide me the video to study.  From there, we'll go back and forth -- through emails, phone calls and perhaps a return video from me -- to solve the most glaring problem.  Easy-peasy, as one of my social media friends likes to say!  

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