Those who know me probably chuckle that I'd actually thought of this kind of service at least a decade ago.  Honest to God, I did.  If there was a problem, technology wasn't what it is today.  Few families owned digital cameras.  Even if they did, it was difficult -- if not impossible -- to send large video files over the Internet.

Lo and behold...  Shortly after moving to Florida, a friend asked me why I wasn't offering to help my many old hockey friends back in the New England area.  She knew I had a great following there, and she also knew a number of my former students felt slightly abandoned that their old skills coach wasn't still just right down the street to help them.  I had no excuses by this time -- technology has changed unbelievably, everyone owns at least a smart phone to take video, and a service like DropBox makes it super easy to convey large files and other information.  Better yet, my customer base has grown exponentially in the past decade, as I've come to know hockey families and coaches from all over the world.

With all that, I'm now well underway in using this new service, and I'm looking forward to helping even more...

Cost is free to members
and only $250 for non-members.
(Just how much is solving the frustration of a problem really worth?)