How it works

1) The best thing to do is to contact me first.
I'll want your thoughts on what might be wrong, or on any difficulties you see a skater having.  

2) Once I have a sense of what the problem might be, I'll advise you on how video footage should be gathered.  Sometimes I'll want to see the player alone demonstrating the problem skill.  At other times, I might ask to see the player moving within the context of some game action.

3) I'll next give you access to a special DropBox address where it will be easy for you to upload the video for me.

4) I'll likely take 3 or 4 days to study the video (I oftentimes like to sleep on such things), and then I'll get back to you with some solid advice.
  • If I believe the initial problem isn't as critical as another I might spot, I may ask you to shoot a second video.
  • I've never failed to identify a problem -- and come up with a cure.

5) Once I arrive at a cure for the problem, I'll communicate that to you in one or more ways.  If it suits our purpose, I might create a video from my end that will show how I suggest curing the problem, and I'll upload that video to DropBox for you to download and keep.  If emails or a phone call seem right for solving the problem, we'll do that as well.

6) You and I will likely still want to stay in contact over the next two weeks in reference to how much my suggestion is working.  Some cures require moving through a series of progressions or steps, so I'll be prepared to help with those.
A free Skype service can
help this entire process work even better.