No matter your location, it really IS this easy

1) EMAIL ME to let me know the skill or game playing problem you see in the skater. 

2) If I feel I can help with the problem, I'll ask you to get the ball rolling by paying via PayPal.  (I'll tell you right up front if I believe the perceived difficulties will be easier, harder or maybe impossible to remedy via this Virtual Coach platform.)

3) I'll send you advice on gathering information and most likely shooting a certain kind of video footage for me.

4) We'll go back and forth through the best medium (emails, calls, video or via DropBox) until you feel comfortable with applying my prescription.

5) We'll stay in contact over the following few weeks to ensure my advice is working (and I'll alter the advice if need be).
In the end, I'm hoping that you as a user will be so satisfied enough that you'll recommend this offering to others.